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Ditch Your Dumb WiFi & Grow Your Business Automagically.
  • Does your current guest WiFi help grow your customer list?

  • How about intuitively engage & interact with your customers?

  • Can it drive customer frequency & loyalty by automating things like social, customer reviews, offers & rewards, and even advanced proximity marketing?

  • How about integrate with thousands of 3rd party apps?

  • Can it increase revenue & profits for your business?

You focus on operations and let our automated WiFi & proximity marketing platform grow your business. 
It's become clear that in today's small-to-medium business landscape, those who refuse to both innovate and optimize the latest data-driven marketing technologies will not stack up well against the bigger brands and chains. But even those operators who understand the importance of marketing-technology and data to smooth operations still sometimes struggle to truly streamline their processes. We're changing that as of right now!

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Guest WiFi Today

(the problem)

Let's face it, dumb guest WiFi sucks!


'Dumb' may at first seem like an overstatement,  however, it's not a far cry from the truth! There are many reasons, why the old way of doing guest WiFi does not benefit today's business owners.  It's no secret that customers love and actually demand WiFi, however for most businesses, there is just no real tangible benefit or way to track the return on investment. They simply hope that by offering customer free WiFi their customers will stay longer and come in more frequently. I probably don't need to tell you that 'hope' is not an effective business strategy. There is a better way. A much smarter way!


Ditch Your Dumb WiFi & Grow Your Business


  • Does your WiFi capture user info & data to build your customer list?

  • Does it know when a customer connects or disconnects?

  • Can it track customer visits or frequency?

  • Can it help engage customers with your social media pages?

  • Does it increase reviews and feedback on guest experiences?

  • What about sending automated messages to urge customers back in?

  • And, how about the added hassles of complicated, unprotected, & confusing sign-on processes and passwords that actually requires your staff's intervention with frustrated guests.

Today's customers are mobile & hyper-connected. Is Your Business?
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Social + Mobile + Location + Automated Marketing + Data & Analytics

We built a SMART data-driven social WiFi & proximity marketing platform that outsmarts traditional 'dumb' customer WiFi by leveraging social media, automating necessary marketing to drive engagement, customer frequency, loyalty and grow your business. 
  • Boost Customer Engagement & Personalize Customer Experiences
  • Access Real-Time Engagement Data & Analytics 
  • Collect Valuable Social & Customer Info
  • Build Email, Mobile, Social And User Profiles
  • Grow Social Likes, Check-ins & Follows
  • Encourage & Automate Customer Reviews
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Make Point-Of-Sale Marketing Interactive
  • Promote Events, New Products, etc.
  • Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers
  • Drive Customers Back In More Often 
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Drive Revenue & Profits
Our smart guest WiFi will build your customer list, increase social engagement & help automate reviews/reputation management and automate marketing messaging.
This is a game changer for businesses. Simplify and mobilize your offers and rewards programs to drive more frequency & increased loyalty!
Drive increased traffic, frequency & purchase intent with next gen proximity & location-based marketing.
Get immediate, trackable results via our cloud-based dashboard & analytics platform.
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Leverage your existing WiFi technology investment as we directly integrate and support most industry-leading access points (AP), controllers & routers. Or you can simply use our proprietary social WiFi hardware & platform solution.
It's completely up to you! 
Restaurants  I  Cafes & Grills  I  Bars & Lounges I   Auto Dealers  I  Spas & Wellness  I Fitness Studios  I Retail Stores  & Malls


Social + Mobile + Location + Automated Marketing + Data & Analytics


Socifi Digital was founded on the 'disruptive' idea to empower savvy business owners to connect with their customers and guests in a whole new, more intelligent way.  So we built a SMART data-driven WiFi platform that outsmarts and transforms'dumb' guest WiFi currently used by most businesses today. We made smarter and automated core marketing like increasing social engagement, review and reputation management and behavior based & personalized messaging to drive better engagement, more customer frequency, and loyalty. Simply put,  we drive more revenue for business owners, while at the same time offering guest a much more modern and relevant customer experience!


We're a small but scrappy team of like-minded marketing and data nerds with deep roots in the MarTech & AdTech industry. We've worked with some of the worlds largest brands and agencies on digital, mobile, social and proximity marketing initiatives. Now we're bringing this same level of expertise to small and medium businesses to help them compete and win against the bigger chains and brands. For us, it's all about relationships and helping businesses to WIN! We are a fast-moving and growing company looking for like-minded talent. If you're a 'scrappy', results-based sales and entrepreneur type, hyper-focused on helping local businesses to succeed then let's chat!



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Learn why savvy business owners are ditching their current guest WiFi and transforming customer engagement and loyalty by leveraging our platform to grow their business. Chat with one of our WiFi marketing nerds, and we can give you a quick, no-pressure demo of our SMART WiFi marketing solution.
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